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What's the point of a pretty site if it doesn't give your clients what they need?

And what they need are answers. Content. News and information and all the details that help them say yes, yes, YES! to working with you.

That's why a screamingly effective Content Management System (CMS) is the foundation of your business' virtual home. Visitors might not notice it or think about it, but you know your carefully crafted CMS holds the whole money-making web structure together.

Because a great CMS is like magic: it's nearly invisible, appears effortless and produces gasp-inducing, show-stopping, profit-generating results.

Like hot content that awes and inspires your call you, e-mail you, book you, buy you.

And, just like magic, a CMS allows your team to make immediate updates to your website – no in-depth training or fancy coding required. (Phew!) Your site administrators don't need to know HTML; they simply log in, update text, photos, links, create new pages and blog posts. And then wave their magic wands. Or press publish.


Of course, like any professional magician, we've got our favorite tricks. (Err, make that “products”). For most full site content management system integrations, we most often rely on ExpressionEngine. It's flexible, user-friendly, and in our experience – we've tried them all – one of the best in the market.

But we've got more than one card up our sleeve and regularly work with other content management systems and integrations. Magic, after all, is a tricky business. What dazzles one audience doesn't work for them all – so when determining the right content management system for your project, we always let your specific business objectives steal the show.

So let's discuss creating a custom content management system that will move your website from mundane to magical (and profitable!).